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Our History

Historical Background



Early Nutrition Academy (ENA) was established as a part of the Early Nutrition Programming Project (EARNEST) project, which was aimed at showing how nutrition during critical periods in early life, both pre- and post-natal, can programme a person's development, metabolism and health throughout their lifetime. For EARNEST and other forthcoming projects, such as the EarlyNutrition project, ENA had the overarching aim of disseminating the available expert knowledge and research findings. The first platform developed for this purpose was the Early Nutrition eAcademy (ENeA), which until the present continues to offer education for the healthcare professionals. During the lifetime of ENeA, several national and international projects and spin-offs emerged that increased our outreach and our commitment to the mission of making education accessible for healthcare professionals. All these developments led to the establishment of Child and Family Health Academy (ChiFHA), which now serves the growing acceptance and increasing need for the transfer of high quality, up-to-date, evidence-based knowledge and skills in several areas of nutrition and health.